Part 1: Homeopathy for Allergy Relief

Learn why homeopathic remedies are a great choice for all ages during allergy season. Get the short answer to how homeopathics work, as well as some specific formulas to look for and how to use them. Dr. Tori Hudson is a naturopathic physician of 23 years and medical director of her clinic in Portland, OR. She is also director of product research and education for Vitanica and author of Women’s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

The Best There is in Body Care

Part 2: Good Fats for a Good Heart

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are crucial for a healthy heart. Listen and learn about the role and benefits of these “good fats.” Then get expert tips for choosing high-quality fish oil supplements. Stuart Tomc has more than 20 years experience in Nutritional Medicine. He is a consultant to the World Health Organization and integrative physicians worldwide.

Part 1: Straight to the Heart

How can you lower your risk of cardiovascular disease? Why is chronic inflammation often the heart of the matter? Get answers to these questions and more as you learn about specific nutrients, food and daily habits to help keep your heart healthy. Malia Curran, MS, MPH is a nutrition consultant and speaker, and sees clients in the Boston region.

Part 2: How to Achieve your Weight Goals

Listen to the wisdom of thirty years of experience as Dr. Jack Singh gives his top 5 recommendations for achieving weight goals. He also explains how to tell if foods are healthy and which ingredients to avoid. Jack J. Singh, N.D., H.M.D., founder and President of Organic Food Bar, is a board certified naturopathic physician, homeopathic medical doctor and nutritionist.

Support your Immune System

Malia Curran, licensed nutritionist, joins us to talk about how you can stay out of the cold and flu game this winter. Tune in for tips on what to eat, different herbs to take, and what to do when symptoms arise.

Natural Cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics

Back to School Series / Part 3

A lot of people, parents especially, are seeking solid information on building stronger immune systems. It’s common sense that getting the right nutrients each day plays a big role in staying healthy. Today’s topic is nutrients, what are we missing, and what are special concerns for children and teens. Our guest, Malia Curran, is a nutrition consultant, who received her masters degrees from Tufts University. Malia has spent a lot of her career exploring natural approaches to traditional issues and currently sees patients at her practice in Arlington, MA.

Back to School Series / Part 2

On this podcast we continue with our focus on Back to School and what you can do to help keep your kids at their top of their game. Today we will be talking with a Naturopathic doctor about the importance of EFA’s.

Back to School Series / Part 1

This is the start of our focus on back to school. There are so many things that we can do to give our kids a boost up in starting the school year. On this podcast we will be talking with a naturopathic physician about probiotics and what they can do for your child. Dr. Holly Lucille is a licensed naturopathic physician, an expert on women’s health issues. She is the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association.


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