Kick Your Year Off with an At-Home Yoga Practice

Adriene Mishler of the online community Yoga with Adriene and co-founder of Find out What Feels Good shares why she believes cultivating an at-home yoga practice can lead you to being a healthier, happier and more authentic person — year round.

Cookbooks to Jump-Start Your Resolutions

If your New Year’s resolutions include planning to cook more or eat more vegetables, having a few cookbooks on hand to keep you inspired is an absolute must. Here are a few or our favorite books we highly recommend for healthy eating inspiration!

Top 10 Food Trends to Know in 2016

From “old-world” ingredients and new vino vehicles to emerging flavors and uncommon cuts of meat, we’ve pinpointed 10 top food trends to watch in 2016.

Best of Whole Foods Market in 2015

From recipes and videos to tweets and pins, here’s what was most popular in 2015 as determined by our shoppers, followers, fans and friends.

Healthy Eating Tips for Achieving Your Resolutions

You’ve made resolutions for health and wellness, now what? Here’s how to get started with approachable tips and resources.

Start Strong with the 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2

The 28-Day Challenge by Engine 2 is a great way to jump-start your healthy eating goals. As the name suggests, changing the way you eat can be a challenge — but in the best possible way. Here are tips for surviving and thriving on your healthy eating adventure.

How To Grow a Winter Kitchen Garden

With a little gear and know-how, a wide variety of fresh produce can be successfully grown throughout the winter, even cilantro and chilies.

New Year, New Recipes for Chicken

From the oven to the grill, chicken really is a winner. Here are a few recipes to help you take your chicken dinners even further this year.

Make Your Own Healthy Salad Dressing

Learning to make dressings took my salads from ho-hum to oh-wow! I use ingredients I already have like nuts, seeds and dried fruits to create different dressings all week long. No combination is like the other, which keeps me eating a lot of salad.

Rediscover Cauliflower

If you’ve only had cauliflower raw on a crudité plate, it’s time to try it mashed, steamed, roasted and pulsed.


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