10 Favorite Stuffing Recipes

Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, your guests will call it delicious. From chestnut to oyster and many flavors in between, our stuffing recipes have you covered.

Step aside, turkey, the stuffing is often the secret favorite of our Thanksgiving tables. It’s warm, moist, savory, soft, rich and full of different textures and flavors. Some folks love it roasted inside the bird, some served alongside, and some just eat it straight out of the pan before it makes it to the table.   Stuffing is fairly easy to make — most recipes are forgiving and do well with substitutions and a great deal of ingredient variety.  Just remember to use day-old or slightly stale bread, and make sure your herbs and spices are fresh and fragrant.   This must-have side dish has plenty of regional variations. Even the name “stuffing” – or is it “dressing”? –is up for debate depending on where you live! Sausage and apple stuffing is popular in the Midwest, while some folks favor chestnut stuffing opens in a new tab Traditionally, Southern dressing features cornbread, for a slightly sweet flavor, like in this Classic Cornbread Dressing opens in a new tab. There’s also Virginia ham stuffing, shrimp stuffing in Louisiana and stuffing with hot chile peppers in the Southwest. Here's twist on the old-fashioned but ever luxurious oyster stuffing: Southern Oyster and Bacon Stuffing opens in a new tab. There’s also bread stuffing that’s as no-nonsense as they come. Or maybe there’s no bread, and you use rice instead (Great Lakes states, we’re looking at you).    Take a spin through our stuffing recipes below – there’s sure to be one that gets your casserole pan bubbling. 

Apple, Sausage and Sage Sourdough Stuffing opens in a new tab







Our holiday pages have even more recipes for stuffings opens in a new tab and other great holiday sides main courses and desserts.   What’s your favorite variety of stuffing? Got any great add-ins or special methods? We’d love to know!

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