10 Simple Ways to Save

Choices count and you can choose good health and a healthy budget. Just follow these 10 money-saving tips for shopping in our stores.

2012 is knocking on the door — are you primed for another year of great value at Whole Foods Market®? We are! Choices count and we’re here to help so you can choose good health and a healthy budget. Just follow these 10 tips for shopping in our stores and you can count on savings!

1. Shop the sales — Thousands of items are on sale in your store right now; when you walk in, just look for the sale signs and save! Like to plan in advance? Locate your local store opens in a new tab and download their weekly sales flyer or sign up for the Whole Foods Market News opens in a new tab email newsletter and get the specials delivered to your inbox a couple times a month.2. Click for coupons — All of the coupons in The Whole Deal value guide are online opens in a new tab, so you can print just what you need before every shopping trip. If you forget to click print before you split, no worries, you can always clip them from the printed value guide in all of our stores.

3. Go for 365 Everyday Value® — Our own brand helps you save every day; it’s the broadest selection of natural and organic products at the best prices. Interested in learning more? A few months ago the Senior Global Coordinator for our Exclusive and Store Brands wrote about their team’s commitment to quality and organics opens in a new tab.4. Get volume discounts — Did you know that discounted pricing on many items is available when you buy a full case or more? Get the details for your particular store at their customer service desk.

5. Plan before you shop — One of the tried and true ways to save is to “stick to your shopping list.” Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but we’ve tried to make it easier to do. You can set up and maintain your shopping lists opens in a new tab right from our website, then print or share. Search our collection of thousands of recipes opens in a new tab and automatically add the ingredients to your list with a click. Got an iPhone? Our recipe search and shopping lists are available on our free app opens in a new tab. Plan your meals in advance with inspiration from our Whole Foods Market recipes email newsletter opens in a new tab.

6. Choose “bang for your buck” foods — Get the most value from nutritious, whole foods: whole-grain foods, beans, lentils and fresh or frozen fruits and veggies. Eating whole, unprocessed foods is one of our four pillars of healthy eating opens in a new tab, so you’ll be supporting your wellness and your wallet.


Bulk up — No, we’re not talking about buying huge amounts of stuff, like you do in some warehouse stores. In fact, it’s just the opposite. You buy only the amount you need at great prices from our bulk section. Choose from grains, cereals, beans and pasta along with nuts, dried fruits, snacks and dried herbs and spices. Take a look at our Bulk Basics guide opens in a new tab for more on shopping in bulk!8. Make big one-pot dishes— Cook these one-pot recipes opens in a new tab on the weekend, then divide and freeze or store in your fridge for the week’s lunches and dinners. No need to visit the drive-thru when a healthier, home-cooked meal is waiting for you.

9. Love your leftovers — Beyond heat and eat, use leftover veggies, meats and cheeses in soups, pastas and rice dishes. Our free iPhone app opens in a new tab lets you search for recipes according to the ingredients you have on hand or use the advanced recipe search feature opens in a new tab on our website.10. Get the inside scoop — Our team members know their departments inside and out so they can always point you to the best values.

There you have them — 10 simple ways to save when you shop in our stores. Now share your favorite money-saving shopping tip with us. We’d love to hear it!

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