14 Days to a Healthier You

Blast off to a healthier you in just 14 days with a series of easy-to-accomplish missions. With just one small step a day you can make giant leaps toward better health!

Every January it happens. Lines form for the cardio machines at the gym, extra fruit and vegetables work their way into shopping carts and just about everyone you know is talking about their health goals for the coming year. Then by February, the cardio machine lines have disappeared, processed foods start edging out the fresh produce and you notice pizza delivery ringing your no-carb-neighbor’s doorbell.  Hey! I’ve been there too. I don’t judge.For many who’ve been successful, the secret isn’t always a complete and radical overhaul – instead, they focus on just a few simple changes that can really add up over time.

With that approach in mind, we’ve created the 14-Day Blast Off. It’s a fun series of 14 easy-to-accomplish missions opens in a new tab to help you be a healthier you in just 14 ways. With just one small step a day you can make giant leaps toward better health. Cue the space puns! Oh wait, I already did.

Each mission is a simple thing you can do to help get yourself healthier. Plus you’ll find tips, recipes, cooking instruction and a great community that you can share your successes with.

Join the 14-Day Blast Off. opens in a new tab

Sample Mission:

Try an Unprocessed Snack

Don’t let hunger eclipse your health! Send your energy level to the moon with a quick snack that combines two or more whole foods. 

Spread your favorite nut or seed butter on a slice of whole grain bread with some fruit-sweetened jam, munch an ounce of raw almonds with a piece of fresh fruit or try some hummus and veggies opens in a new tab with a few whole grain crackers. You’ll feel more powerful than a solar flare!

Are you ready to watch your health skyrocket? Tell us, how will you take one small step toward better health in 2013?





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