16 Recipes for Fresh Winter Citrus


Mandarin Cake

Mandarin Cake

Nothing is more refreshing than a juicy orange, tangerine or grapefruit, eaten out of hand or made into a Sunny Citrus Smoothie for breakfast, snack or dessert.

Sunny Citrus Smoothie

Since citrus is a winter fruit, many of my favorite holiday recipes rely on citrus for their “sparkly” flavor and crisp, fresh aroma, like Mandarin-Glazed Carrots and Cherry, Orange and Pecan Coffee Cake.Winter is the perfect season to indulge in a variety of fresh citrus fruits. Citrus ripens in the fall and early winter months making it readily available for a variety of winter menus, including salads and sides, mains, desserts and snacks. Here are some ideas and recipes:

  • Make citrus fruit salad; include all of your favorites! Try it with a sprinkling of unsweetened coconut flakes or a bit of raw honey and a sprinkling of nuts.

  • Enjoy citrus for dessert with a square of dark chocolate.

  • Pair with almost any variety of cheese. Hard, salty cheese adds wonderful balance and flavor to the sweet acidity of the fruit.

  • Stir into Greek yogurt, cottage or ricotta cheese and eat as is or with a bit of honey or sliced dates for a filling and satisfying breakfast.

  • Bake with citrus, like these seasonal Eggnog and Ruby Red Grapefruit Muffins or this Mandarin Cake.

  • Cut into rounds and serve with a leafy green salad for a beautiful presentation. This Orange and Fennel Salad is gorgeous on a holiday table.

  • Add citrus to juice blends – great with green apple and parsley!

  • Dip citrus segments into sweetened cream cheese dip, or spread with your favorite roasted nut butter.

  • Use citrus zest to create zippy condiments like this Orange Gremolata and blend citrus segments into salad dressings. We love the sweet-tart flavor of this Winter Greens with Roasted Citrus Vinaigrette.

  • Dice and add to salsas or stir into cocktail sauce for an easy, elevated party favorite like this Popcorn Shrimp with Clementine-Chipotle Cocktail Sauce.

  • Add citrus segments to whole grain salads. I recently served Wild Rice Salad with Oranges and Currants to dinner guests along with a roasted chicken and sautéed greens. 

  • Speaking of sautéed greens, for a fun, quick meal, look no further than Sesame Orange Greens with Potstickers.  

Do you have a favorite citrus recipe?  I’d love to know.
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