30th Birthday Trip: Winning Entries


You asked for them, and here they are; the 30 entries that won opens in a new tab a special place in our heart and a trip for two to Austin, Texas to help us celebrate our 30th birthday. We've got some fun "30 Years Fresh" festivities planned during the weekend of September 17 at all of our stores across North America and the U.K. So, even if you didn't win a trip to Austin, you can still join the party opens in a new tab!

Here are a few excerpts from some of the winning entries:

From Anthony in Fairfax, VA
Honey, we're going grocery shopping. Words many husbands dread, no? Well, I dreaded them myself until my wife discovered Whole Foods. I'll admit it - most manly men like myself are a little late on the organic-green-healthy scene. Whole Foods has educated me that organic and healthy are really code words for delicious. Who knew fresh foods that aren't loaded with fillers and chemicals could be so TASTY?

From Clare in Dallas, TX
…my Whole Foods seems like a little community within the community. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, quirky as all get out and I love it. They remember me and make jokes and suggest foods I might want to try. They sing along to the songs piped into the store. It's the people behind my Whole Foods that keep me coming back every week. Where else are you going to find the beer guy singing along to Madonna?

From Gayle in Newton, MA
Never in my life have I encountered anyone who loves Whole Foods the way that I do. My roommate finds her peace at temple; my friend does yoga. My brother drives to clear his head; I go to Whole Foods Market. Every store is a haven for me. …. At Whole Foods I see people like me, not simply buying groceries to fill an empty cupboard. I see people harvesting nourishment off the shelves, as a farmer would harvest his own crop. There is a sense of ownership, collectively over the story and over the health of our bodies. Whole Foods is, to me, the epicenter.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share your special stories and memories on why you love Whole Foods Market. Read all of the winning essays here opens in a new tab.

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