4 Easy Ways to Build a Better Breakfast for Babies and Toddlers

Here are some easy hacks that can help you say goodbye to breakfast boredom and also create healthier, no-fuss breakfasts.

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Kate Geagan is an award-winning dietitian who has helped millions of eaters fall in love with foods that power a healthy lifestyle. As the Earth’s Best nutritionist, she’s on a mission to help make the parenting journey a little bit easier…  and a lot tastier. Kate is the author of "Go Green Get Lean" (Rodale) and a contributor to Clean Eating Magazine. 
Craving new ideas to spice up your family’s breakfast routine without resorting to becoming a short-order cook? As a mom of two kiddos myself, I know how sometimes just getting everyone up, washed, dressed, fed, brushed and out the door on time can literally feel like it takes a superhero (in my case, make that a “superhero” who requires caffeine). 
But even if mornings aren’t your favorite, there are some easy hacks I’ve discovered — both through trial and error in our own kitchen, as well as with my clients — that can help you say goodbye to breakfast boredom and also create healthier, no-fuss breakfasts like a pro. Sound like a tall order? Read on.

1. Start with the right ingredients.

I tell my clients to shop at a grocery store whose careful ingredient sourcing help take the worry out of making all those choices. As a mom and a nutritionist, this is what I love about Whole Foods Market. Do your own research, and check out their quality standards — there’s no artificial colors, flavors, hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup in any of the food they sell. (And it’s totally possible to build a healthy shopping list on a budget, by the way.)
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Earth's Best Jars and Pouches

2. Stock your freezer with healthier staples.

Here’s my list of things I like to have on hand: 

  • 100% sprouted whole grain bread

  • A rainbow of frozen fruits

  • Ground flaxseed (They’re packed with essential omega-3 fats)

  • Darkly-colored frozen chopped veggies

  • Plant-based breakfast sausages

  • Earth’s Best Organic Sesame Street Frozen Mini Waffles + Pancakes. I like to toast and top with 1-2 teaspoons of a nut or nut-and-seed butter blend for a boost of protein.

3. Have a few go-to recipes in your back pocket.

Here are a few of mine: 

  • Breakfast “crostini". Spread a slice of 100% whole grain or gluten-free toast with a dab of ricotta, nut or seed butter, hummus or your favorite plant-based “cheese”. Top with sliced fresh fruit or a squeeze of an Earth’s Best Organic pouch. You can also make a version with mashed avocado with chopped roasted veggies on top.

  • Muffin tin omelets. I promise, this one really couldn’t be simpler. Let toddlers sprinkle in 2 tablespoons of their favorite frozen chopped organic veggies into a muffin tin brushed with olive oil. Fill each muffin cup with beaten egg until about 2/3 full, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, and bake at 375°F for about 15 minutes or until puffed. (Bonus: you can make a batch on the weekend, then simply reheat for a quick protein-packed breakfast.)

  • Breakfast in a bowl. Crave simple? Top Earth’s Best Organic Yummy Tummy Oatmeal with a swirl of nut or seed butter and your favorite organic milk or plant-based “milk” for a warm and hearty organic option. You can top with fresh or dried fruit and a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg if you like. 

4. No time to cook? Pack some snacks in your child’s bag the night before.

If it’s not realistic for you to have breakfast at home because you’re short on time, stocking your child’s bag with a few store-bought organic options is also a great trick. Here’s my shopping list: 

  • Earth’s Best Organic Wholesome Breakfast Pouches. A delicious, totable breakfast for toddlers that’s made from organic fruits and veggies, whole grain barley, oats, quinoa and ground flax seeds.

  • Organic plain yogurt or cottage cheese packs or tubes. These deliver calcium and protein to start the morning. I like to recommend an organic option with live active cultures for a probiotics boost.

  • A BPA-free sippy cup or water bottle filled with filtered water. Help your little one stay hydrated and in the habit of sipping water instead of sugar-sweetened juices or beverages.

  • New Earth’s Best Organic Apple Cinnamon Muffins with Carrots are a tasty, easy, and oh-so-portable organic option. 

From the day the Earth’s Best Organic brand was founded in 1985, its mission has been to bring wholesome, organic nourishment to babies at an affordable price. You can find the Earth’s Best family of products at your local Whole Foods Market opens in a new tab.
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