4th Annual Teens Turning Green National Summit


Hey everyone! Just wanted to invite you all to the 4th Annual Teens Turning Green National Summit opens in a new tab, which is coming up in Marin County, California on February 6th + 7th. Teens (and adults, too!) from around the country are invited to RSVP online and join us. It is all moderated by teen campaign members and will feature extraordinary "green" industry leaders. I already can’t wait; it will be an amazing and empowering two days that you will not forget. You will hear from inspiring teens and eco leaders about a variety of green issues including lifestyle choices, green chemistry, and the health impact of toxic chemical exposure in our daily lives. Even if you aren’t that into green body care or cosmetics, these issues apply to everyone and there is a topic or speaker that everyone will be interested in.We live in a great time for participating in community action and using our voices as citizens to bring about legislative change (as shown by Teens Turning Green’s political activism, teens do have a voice!) to protect our health and our earth. That is our goal as we engage in dialogue and brainstorming sessions with concerned and active teens, community members and visionary leaders to plan, strategize and develop next steps and positive outcomes for this unique, teen lead campaign.Other campaign members and I are working on our preparation for the summit; talking to panelists, finalizing our questions questions, and getting every detail in place so that the weekend will be fun and educational. The things I’m looking forward to most are meeting up with some of my campaign member friends from different parts of the country, hopefully meeting some new ones, and getting to see people that I admire talk about their passions.The annual summit is one of our favorite events of the year. Not only are there going to be panel discussions with amazing green gurus, but there is also a green spa, organic food, goody bags, and maybe even a few green experiments. Take a look at a short video from last year's summit opens in a new tab and maybe it will inspire you to want to join us! If so, please register online opens in a new tab and you can even apply for a scholarship to be flown to Marin.Can’t make the summit but are still interested? Let us know if you want to start a Teens Turning Green chapter of your own opens in a new tab, participate in our Lips Against Lead project opens in a new tab, or any other ideas you may have—we are here to help.Thanks! I look forward to seeing you all at the summit!Sincerely,EmilyHigh School Sophomore, Marin CountyTake a look at a video from last year's Summit:3rd Annual Teens for Safe Cosmetics Summit • February 2008

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