5 Must-Try Fall Makeup Ideas

Ah, fall. So many things to love: crisp leaves, pumpkin everything opens in a new tab, cozy wool sweaters. Add gorgeous makeup to that list, too. The change of seasons comes with a crop of new makeup trends, making this the perfect time to freshen up your beauty look. Ahead, eco makeup artist and founder of greenbeautyteam.com opens in a new tab Kristen Arnett shares her favorite five, plus, easy tips that will help you recreate them at home.

1. Healthy, highlighted skin

It’s time to get glowing. “Beautiful skin is always on trend,” says Arnett. “It shows that you’re healthy from the inside out, and is a classic look that works on women of all ages.” Avoid super sparkly powders and choose a cream highlighter with subtle shimmer instead (creams melt into skin better than powders, making for a more natural effect, notes Arnett). Our pick: W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener (shown on model), a luminizing stick that brightens and highlights. Be sure to consider your complexion when selecting your shade; cooler pinks are the most flattering on pale skin tones, while golden hues work best on medium to deep skin. Dab a tiny amount along your cheekbones and on the inner corners of your eyes as the final step in your makeup routine.

2. Berry lips

Dark lips don’t always have to come across as super severe. “A deep lip color only looks gothic when it’s set against pale, pale skin,” says Arnett. To make a berry lipstick more natural and wearable, add some warmth to your complexion with a light dusting of bronzer; this ties the whole look together, so that there’s less of a stark contrast between your lip color and the rest of your skin, she explains. Also important: Opt for berry tones with warm pink, rather than cool purple, undertones, which only flatter very young women, notes Arnett. One to try: Burt’s Bees Juniper Berry Lipstick.

3. Full brows

Lush arches aren’t going anywhere, so toss the tweezers and let them grow. If they’re a little lackluster, be sure to fill them in. Whether you use a pencil or powder to do so is mostly a matter of personal preference, though Arnett notes the effects differ slightly: “Pencils are more precise, though can ultimately look a little harsher. Powders make for a slightly softer effect and tend to be more user-friendly.” Or, try the Pacifica Stunning Brows Eyebrow Gloss & Set, which both sets brows and makes them look thicker. Regardless, the product should be one to two shades lighter than your hair color, and be sure to blend everything in with a clean spoolie afterwards, brushing upwards. This creates the illusion of fuller brows, lifts the entire eye area, and makes the overall look appear more intentional. 

4. Gold lids

A little gilded shadow adds a major wow factor, perfect for a big night out.  Pick a cream shadow in a burnished, coppery-gold hue, like Zuzu Luxe Egyptian Gold with a warm shimmer. “The color should look soft and diffuse, so that you almost can’t see where it starts and where it stops,” explains Arnett.  Because this is definitely a statement, the only other eye makeup you need is a hcoat of chocolate mascara (it’s less harsh than black, notes Arnett). 

5. Barely-there blush

Say goodbye to the bright and bold cheek colors of seasons past. “It’s all about believable, soft shades that add a touch of color to your complexion, but aren’t super noticeable,” explains Arnett. And while it’s best to stick with subdued hues, feel free to pick from whichever color family you prefer — pink, peach, rose — since the application is more important than the shade. Start with a cream formula; these blend seamlessly into skin and are also more hydrating than powders — an added benefit when your complexion begins to get dry in the fall and winter, notes Arnett.Try: Mineral Fusion 3-in-1 Color Stick. Using your fingertip, dab two to three dots of the color directly on top of your cheekbone, right underneath the outer corner of your eye. Remove any excess from your fingers, then blend, blend, blend (and blend some more), until the color looks like it’s part of your skin.  

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