5 Questions to Ask About Your Child’s Health

Which facts about kids’ and teens’ health are most important? Learn what questions to ask about children’s health…and beyond!

There is a wealth of information available these days on how to keep our kids well, but it sure can be overwhelming! Here we focus on the most common, important questions about kids’ and teens’ health. These are also great questions to ask yourself — good habits are contagious!The 5 Big Questions to Ask About A Child’s Health, for K-12 and Beyond

  1. Is my child getting the nutrients and pure water needed every day? While this may seem obvious, there’s always more to know about how nutrition and hydration affect healthy immune systems, weight, mood and brain function. Find some answers by taking a scroll around our Parents and Kids web pages opens in a new tab.

  2. Does my child get enough quality sleep on a regular basis? Find out how much sleep is needed for different ages. (Kidshealth.org opens in a new tab and the National Sleep Foundation opens in a new tab offer some guidelines.) Certain herbs and homeopathic remedies may also help with sleep, and with stress, too.

  3. Does my child feel a lot of stress and understand ways to manage it? While moderate stress is normal, school life can cause stress overload for students—even the little ones. Stomachaches, nervousness, trouble sleeping, anger flares or infections may be signs of stress.

  4. Is my child physically active enough? Exercise and physical play when we’re young isn’t just important for the present; it helps to create lasting healthy habits for later in life.

  5. Are my child’s lotions, soaps, toothpaste and other body care products safer alternatives? Natural ingredients are the best choice for sensitive skin, children and teens.

We’re committed to helping the next generation learn the importance of health and how to be good to your whole body. Get expert info from our Children's Health pocket guide opens in a new tab, available in stores and online.

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