6 Ways to Stay Hot for Healthy Eating

When it comes to healthy eating, do you ever wonder how to keep the fire burnin’? These tips will add variety to your healthy eating repertoire.

Mango Black Bean Salsa

Mango-Black Bean Salsa

When it comes to healthy eating, do you ever wonder how to keep the fire burnin’?

Maybe you’re just getting acquainted with healthy food, or maybe the two of you have been together for years. Regardless, every relationship can use a little spark now and then.

Here are some tips for adding variety to your healthy eating repertoire:

  1. Change with the seasons. Eating seasonal produce is one of the best ways to keep food fresh and exciting. Set a goal of cooking at least one new type of produce each season—for example, you might braise some Smoky Collard Greens this winter or whip up a Mango-Black Bean Salsa in the spring.  

  2. Use what you’ve got. With our recipes app, you can enter the ingredients you have on hand, choose Health Starts Here® in the category menu, and generate a varied list of recipes.

  3. Spice things up. Create crave-worthy meals with simple ingredients from our list of healthy flavor boosters.

  4. Make a date. Our Weekly Meal Plans can help you make time for healthy eating—even in the midst of busy schedules.

  5. Have a quickie. In a rush? No worries. Look for the Health Starts Here® logo in our prepared foods department. From the hot bar to the chef case, you’ll find a variety of options that follow the Four Pillars of Healthy Eating.

  6. Try a new technique. Whether you’re into marinating, toasting or blanching, our healthy cooking videos feature easy cooking techniques to keep things sizzlin’ without refined sweeteners or extracted oils.

Do you have a tip for staying passionate about healthy eating? Share the juicy details below!

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