7 Tips That Combine Convenience and Value

This month’s Whole Deal value guide offers great money saving solutions for combining convenience and value for affordable and stress-free meals for the whole family.

We all lead busy lives and often, we turn to the allure of convenience to make mealtimes feel more manageable. That is nothing to feel guilty about! Especially since you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease. This issue of The Whole Deal value guide opens in a new tab can help you create affordable, stress-free meals for just yourself or for the whole family.


  1. KISS THE COOKER. Set it and forget it with slow-cooker meals like pot roast opens in a new tab, vegetarian stews opens in a new tab, even coq au vin opens in a new tab. Oui! More tasty slow-cooker recipes opens in a new tab are available on our Recipes page.

  2. ONE-PAN WONDER. Cook your meal components all together with sheet-pan dinners, such as Leek and Potato Gratin with Smoked Salmon and Brie opens in a new tab or Mini Turkey Meatloaf and Maple Green Beans opens in a new tab. You’ll be spared juggling timing and major dish duty while still delivering delicious, nutritious meals to the table.

  3. BUY SOME. MAKE SOME. Ready-made to the rescue! Rely on our value-priced frozen entrees, veggies or appetizers. For example, try broth, frozen veggies and frozen wontons for “homemade” soup!

  4. DOUBLE-DUTY DISHES. Give leftovers a new life in a new recipe. Transform meatloaf to sandwiches; crudités to roast veggies; and roasted chicken to tacos.

  5. BATCH COOKING. Prepare a big batch of staple ingredients — lentils, grains or veggies — then incorporate them into various dishes during the week.  Check out our Learn to Cook recipes opens in a new tab, which feature tips on cooking brown rice, quinoa, roasted butternut squash, white beans and other great kitchen staples.

  6. TRI-(THIS)-TIP. Shop sales, buy family value packs and experiment with lesser-known cuts of meat. Freeze in small portions for later.

  7. TASTY PAYOFF. A little planning now can save you unnecessary stress. Make your weekly menu in advance so you stay within your budget and aren’t scrambling at mealtime. Sign in to wholefoodsmarket.com opens in a new tab to build an online shopping list.

The Whole Deal

We hope that these tips help make your kitchen adventures budget-friendly and manageable.  For even more wallet- and clock-friendly tips, check out the fall issue of The Whole Deal value guide opens in a new tab, available online and at your local store. What are your favorite ways to make mealtimes stress free?

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