7 Tips for a Healthier Week 2

Need help quickly putting together meals with healthy eating in mind? We’ve got seven timesaving tips to get you through the week.


Need help quickly putting together meals with healthy eating in mind? Who doesn’t, right? Each week in January, we’re featuring seven tips mined from our Health Starts Here™ program to get you from Monday to Sunday with an eye toward a healthier lifestyle.Tip 1: Map Out Your Shopping List

Organize your grocery-shopping list by aisle or on a grid that corresponds to the layout of your store. This will help save time and keep you focused on what’s on your list.

Tip 2: Be Your Own Prep Cook

If you have a meal plan, do all your prep work (like washing and cutting vegetables) at the start of the week. Then, each night, all you have to do is assemble your meal!

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Tip 3: Set Up a DIY Salad Bar

Create a mini “salad bar” in a fridge drawer for customizable, quick and healthy lunch making.

Tip 4: Keep Frozen On Hand

Frozen fruits and vegetables help avoid prep time and waste, while preserving nutrients that decrease daily in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Tip 5: Maximize Your Time in the Kitchen

Maximize your time in the kitchen. When you make a salad for dinner, make double and take the second one for lunch the next day.

Tip 6: Try for Five

Build a collection of five-ingredient recipes. Make sure they're quick to assemble, nutritious and delicious.

Tip 7: Swap Menus

Struggling to plan your meals week after week? Start a menu-swapping club with your friends. Each week, pass your menus around. You'll be inspired to try new things (and you'll be saving time).


For more tips, and a series of educational missions to better health, download our Whole Foods Market Missions App opens in a new tab for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Do you have some timesaving tips for keeping your healthy lifestyle on track? Let’s hear ‘em!

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