ABC's The Taste: Chef K from LA

Did you catch the new reality cooking competition, “The Taste,” on ABC? Visit opens in a new tab for full episodes.We were excited to have some of the show’s participants – competitors and mentor-judges alike – share their stories with readers of the Whole Story blog. Learn more about “The Taste” on ABC’s website opens in a new tab.

We’ve heard from contestant Sarah Ashley Schiear opens in a new tab and mentor and judge, Chef Brian Malarkey opens in a new tab. Now here’s personal chef and contestant Khristianne Uy, aka Chef K, writing about her approach.

Coat starched, knives razor-sharp, black hair slicked back and arms crossed; a tattooed sleeve, the word Envy in black ink - amongst her rivals, Chef K (Khristianne Uy) is a culinary menace to Hollywood.

Drawing inspiration from organic and seasonal influences, I tailor my unique approach to LA's fashionable palates with customizable menus. Whatever the client wants, I make it happen. Special requests and dietary accommodations don’t even begin to explain the specialized experience that Chef K LA brings together.

Prior to stepping inside a new client’s kitchen, I take a tour of the pantry, taking notes of their favorite ingredients, foods and spices. I follow this with a personal consultation where we discuss their likes, dislikes, as well as any changes they’d like to make to their diet. From there, we have free range to create what I refer to as, “The Best Taste Scenario.” For me, that goes beyond what the client smells and tastes, each plate must also be visually appealing — a piece of art.  

I was able to bring my years of experience and technique to The Taste and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I loved being mentored by Brian Malarkey. He kept things exciting and fresh in the kitchen.  It was easy to forget I was on a television show because every time there was such a limited amount of time to perform each task — it was always head down and cook.  Every time.  Showcasing my talent on a platform as large and popular as ABC has been an experience I will never forget. Some of the best memories can be recaptured through the taste and aroma of culinary work. I strive to recreate those moments. From the fresh smell of chocolate chip cookies one remembers as they walk into Grandma’s house, to the moist red velvet cake you only got to enjoy on your birthday, it’s those nostalgic memories that I bring to life in my cooking.

What are some of your favorite memories you try to recreate in your kitchen?


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