Annie's Does It Again


Annie\'s Snack Mix

Annie's has done it again. Just when you think "how are they going to top [insert their latest cool product here]?" - they come out with the next nifty thing that fills a niche. Before talking about their newest product, though, I think a brief history lesson is in order.

Most folks know about Annie's Homegrown Macaroni and Cheese. It's a legendary natural foods item. Starting a few years ago, Annie's decided they wanted to expand their portfolio. They took the lovable bunny that adorns their mac and cheese box and they decided it would make a nice cracker. Literally. No surprise: Annie's Cheddar Bunny Cracker is loved by millions of kids and adults alike.

Next, Annie's and that lovable bunny took on the cereal category. They hit another home run with their delicious low sugar cereals. The encore to that? Organic Bunny-shaped Fruit Snacks. Another score.

Now, as I mentioned, how are they going to top all that? Here's how: an organic version of the classically favorite snack mix? Annie's developed an organic snack mix devoid of all the artificial flavors and hydrogenated oils of the conventional versions. The mix includes the cheddar bunny cracker, a butter version of the cracker and bunny shaped pretzels. Kids and adults alike will love this great combination of snacky goodness.

The question is not if you're going to like them, but how will you eat the mix? Will you snack indiscriminately? Will you hoard the pretzels? Will you pick out the butter bunnies for your personal snacking satisfaction? Whatever your style, I'm sure you'll enjoy this latest tasty endeavor. The snack well as the other Annie's items mentioned…are in our stores now, so try a box today for yourself.

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