Arrowhead Mills

Arrowhead Mills offers over 100 different products from baking mixes to hot cereals and nut butters. Find out how this household-name company has stayed true to its roots.

Arrowhead Mills
James Glueck, Director of Technical Services at Arrowhead Mills.

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From pantry staples to breakfast cereals, Arrowhead Mills opens in a new tab has grown into a household name, yet the brand has stayed true to its roots by sourcing organic grains grown in the same fields in the Texas Panhandle’s high plains for more than half a century.

It was 1960 when Arrowhead Mills first put down roots in the fertile high plains of Hereford, Texas, where many of their products, including all of their organic flake cereals, are still produced. Through the years, the brand has cultivated long-standing partnerships with organic farmers in the area.

"We purchase many ingredients directly from local organic farmers to eliminate middlemen and brokers that can impact farmers' profits,” says Dale Hollingsworth, purchasing manager. “Most of our wheat and corn is sourced within 100 miles of the mill.”

Arrowhead Mills now offers more than 100 different products, ranging from cold and hot cereals to flour, baking mixes, beans, grains, seeds and nut butters. Most Arrowhead Mills products, including all of their flours, are organic. Their cereals are made with no artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, and a unique process yields light, crispy flakes made with entire whole grains, as opposed to milled grains.

Arrowhead Mills

“When we ask people why they choose our products, the words ‘trust’ and ‘integrity’ come up a lot,” says James Glueck, director of technical services. “Our ingredients have always been grown and handled based on strict standards that emphasize environmental responsibility.”

Arrowhead Mills
Dale Hollingsworth (L) Purchasing Manager for Arrowhead Mills, and James Glueck, Director of Technical Services at Arrowhead Mills, inspect some wheat that has arrived from a supplier.

Arrowhead Mills offers more than 100 products. Which ones are your favorites?


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