Artist Discovery Series: Mishka



My team has the exciting responsibility of overseeing our national music program - you know, the CDs in our stores. We launched the "Artists Discovery Series" to celebrate exceptional emerging artists who share a passion for the causes and social initiatives that we support as well. We are partnering with Inspire, a leading music and branding firm, to find great artists from around the world. (You can reach Inspire at opens in a new tab.)So, without further ado, we are featuring the artist Mishka and his album Above the Bones - in our stores now through April. We asked Mishka to write something to you and here's what he sent:

Hey, Whole Foods, thanks for carrying my new CD, Above the Bones. It was released on Feb 17th on Matthew McConaughey's newly formed label, jk livin Records. Matthew and I worked with guitarist/producer Daryl Thompson for months in the studio to get it where we wanted it - and finally we created Above the Bones.Since the album was released, we have been on tour and living off of road-food; I feel like when I walk into Whole Foods it's like a sanctuary.Even to go and look at the produce section is refreshing. I always feel a sense of relief when I hear that there is a Whole Foods in the city that we are playing as I know that I can always get something good and healthy to eat to keep me going. I also appreciate the alternative health products like herbal teas, vitamins and homeopathic remedies. As a singer performing nightly, I really appreciate it!With Whole Foods becoming mainstream, it's nice to see that it has generated a massive amount of awareness about healthy and organic food choices - and a medium for organic food producers to be In a way, Whole Foods has created a "consciousness" around healthy eating and organic food choices. Hopefully, one day, this will become the norm rather than the exception.

Check out Above the Bones and let us know what you think!

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