Autumn Raspberries: Best Recipes for the Holidays and Beyond

Take advantage of raspberries’ delicious late-year harvest.

Raspberry Walnut Salad with Mt. Tam Cheese

Raspberry Walnut Salad with Mt. Tam Cheese opens in a new tab

You might think raspberries fade away as summer ends, but there’s actually a second harvest in autumn bringing plump, ripe, super-sweet raspberries to market. Take advantage of this delicious reprieve! Raspberries lend sparkle and glamour to just about anything they rub shoulders with, so I find them a natural fit for holiday baking and entertaining. You can make them the star of a dish, or just keep some on hand to toss over anything you want to add a little magic to. Check out these ideas and recipes for inspiration.

A Garnish for Drinks

Try floating a few raspberries in anything as humble as seltzer or as glitzy as champagne or Prosecco. Or go all out and prepare a special cocktail like Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktail opens in a new tab to kick off a party. It’s an excellent excuse for holiday toasting.

Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktail

Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktail opens in a new tab

Add Them to Salads

Raspberries are one of my favorites for making a fruit salad look and taste opulent, but they’re also fabulous in savory salads — plus you can’t beat the red-green contrast for festiveness.  Berry Goat Cheese Salad opens in a new tab is a beautiful and delicious combination of tangy goat cheese, walnuts and fresh greens that makes a great addition to a brunch spread or a worthy start to a special meal. Ditto with Raspberry Walnut Salad with Mt. Tam Cheese opens in a new tab; you could use any semisoft cheese like Brie or Camembert in place of Mt. Tam.

Make a Main Course

Raspberries are famously delicious in pan sauces. They star in this Pork Medallions with Raspberry Sauce opens in a new tab recipe that’s quick enough for a weeknight meal but also easily doubles for a holiday crowd — just use two skillets. Replace the white wine called for in the sauce with champagne for an extra-festive twist and garnish the dish with some chopped chives and a few fresh whole berries.

Another terrific savory recipe is Salmon with Raspberry Vinaigrette opens in a new tab. If you want to use the dish for a holiday buffet, keep the salmon in one piece, poach it in a mixture of white wine and water until just opaque, and serve it chilled with the vinaigrette at room temperature, not warmed.

Bake a Not-So-Humble Pie

They may not get much press for it, but raspberries have a perfect sweet-tart balance for pies and tarts. Bypass the usual holiday suspects and put a dessert like Berry-Pomegranate Almond Tart opens in a new tab on the table, no rolling pin required! Or try this super-easy Raspberry Almond Crumble opens in a new tab, a fantastic recipe that’s gluten-free to boot.

Gotta have chocolate? You can’t beat the elemental pairing of chocolate and raspberries for all-out seduction. Make the most of it with a recipe like Bittersweet Chocolate Tart with Raspberries opens in a new tab, packed with deep rich flavor and gorgeous to look at.

Berry-Pomegranate Almond Tart

Berry-Pomegranate Almond Tart opens in a new tab

…Or Go Vegan

Raspberries are one of the best ingredients I know for elevating vegan desserts, making them an enticing, universally appealing finish to a holiday meal. Their brilliant color and flavor is outstanding in Raspberry Mousse opens in a new tab and in these Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake Bites opens in a new tab. Tofu never had it so good!

Got a favorite raspberry recipe? Tell us about it!

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