Bagging a Better Lunch for Less

Healthy Lunch

Dining at your desk? Making school lunches for the little ones? Packing a meal to eat on-the-go? For lunching away from home, there’s no reason to be sandwiched between flavor and savings. Here are five of our favorite money-saving tips for bagging a better lunch.

  1. Love leftovers. Transform a salad into a wrap; pasta into a salad; or a grilled dinner into lunch sandwiches. Search our Summer Foods-on-the-Go-Guide opens in a new tab for brown bag ideas for summer that you can carry with you to school!

  2. Variety show. Use coupons opens in a new tab to try a new-to-you bread, cold cuts or side dish to stave off lunchbox boredom.

  3. Don’t throw away money. Invest in an insulated lunchbox and storage containers rather than buying single-use bags.

  4. Stop the sog! Prevent lunch loss by packing sandwich or salad ingredients separately or use lettuce, cheese or deli meat (download coupon opens in a new tab) as a barrier between moist ingredients and bread.

  5. Twice as nice. Make extra! Goat Cheese Spread with Hearts of Palm and Sweet Corn opens in a new tab and hummus opens in a new tab work well as both sandwich spreads and dips.

The Whole Deal® value guide opens in a new tab has more than $53 in coupons, 13 Sure Deals, 12 new 5-ingredient recipes, a daily meal planner and time- and money-saving tips for getting back to school and back on track.

Do you have a favorite money-saving lunch tip? Share it in the comments section below.


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