Barber's Cheddar: A Cheese with Real Culture

Made by the longest operating Cheddar producers in the world, Barber’s 1833 Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar has quite a history. Learn how they use original starter culture.

Made by the longest operating Cheddar producers in the world, Barber’s 1833 Cheddar has quite a history. The Barber family has been farming and making cheddar just outside the village of Cheddar, England since 1833 — that’s before half of the US states were formed.

And if that isn’t distinctive enough, the six generations of Barbers who have continuously run the family business have been the sole guardians of the original starter culture. It’s been kept alive all these years and survived two World Wars and the near demise of the traditional cheesemaking heritage of Cheddar.

The Barber family is the only farmhouse block-cheddar maker in the world to still use these original cultures.

As a result, Barber’s 1833 has a unique complexity that can only be found in cheddar made with traditional starter culture.

These cultures are the friendly bacteria added to the milk to start the cheese-making process and are the most important ingredient in determining the flavor and quality of the finished cheese. Just think, Barber’s cheese retains the original cheddar flavor enjoyed by cheese lovers 179 years ago!

The company has been given Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status that protects and identifies the cheese as being made in its ancestral home using the same traditional recipes and methods used since cheddar was first developed.

The Barber’s dairy sits on 2,500 acres where a couple thousand cows roam the fields eating grass in the beautiful Somerset countryside. These cows are not given any synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.

In addition to the culture, the Barber’s retain many traditional cheesemaking methods such as turning cheddar curds by hand in open vats.

Every batch of cheese is graded before it leaves the dairy to ensure only the best cheese is sent as Barber’s 1833. Available in all of our stores, Barber’s 1833 Cheddar was made from one of the unique culture blends specifically selected by Whole Foods Market’s team of cheese mongers.

Aged for a minimum of 20 months in wooden boxes to ensure the Cheddar keeps a firm, closed structure, this is a high-intensity Cheddar that retains a smooth, creamy texture with nut and fruit flavors.

This Cheddar is delicious for cheese toast, grilled cheese sandwiches and a superstar on any cheese board.

The Barbers have not only preserved these cheesemaking traditions but a part of history from the early 1800s. No one else has done that and we’re thrilled to bring this amazing cheese to you.

Now that’s a cheese with real culture!

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