A Basket Full of Thoughts about June

Editorial Director Kara Chiles strolls the store and scribbles a shopping list of the month’s in-season temptations.

Yellow Peaches

Editorial Director Kara Chiles strolls the store and scribbles a shopping list of the month’s in-season temptations.

1. Stonefruits are in season. Dare yourself to walk by the pyramids of peaches – white, yellow, donut – without slowing down a little and inhaling deeply. Why stop there? Branch out with plums or pluots (that tasty little cross-pollination of a plum and an apricot). Look for local variants in your store and Responsibly Grown and mix them into one of the farmstand-worthy concoctions from our Easy Summer Desserts opens in a new tab recipe collection. A clafoutis is as delicious to say as it is to eat.

2. Suncare comes in all shades. Whether you brown, burn or explode in freckles, healthy nourished skin is a look we all can master. But which sunscreen to choose? Well, if the issues surrounding either chemical sunscreens or nanotechnology are of concern to you, the easiest solution is to choose our Premium Body Care opens in a new tab sunscreens, which are comprised of only non-nano, physical sunscreens. Me? I’ll be the one slathering on sunscreen on the freckled side of the spectrum. ​

Blueberry Smoothies

3. Reinvent the power breakfast. Warm-weather mornings are a perfect time to add smoothies to your routine. A pour, a scoop, a frozen banana here, a dash of chia seeds there and suddenly you have an energy-packed start to your day. Which protein powder to pick? Our Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powders opens in a new tab have no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. We have lots of others to choose too: Tigernut Smoothie opens in a new tab, anyone?

4. Grassy notes for your next garden party. The smell of fresh-cut grass is one of the singular smells of summer… but then so is a nice sauvignon blanc. Our Top 10 Summer Wines will refresh your palate with new picks that will provide an excuse to throw that tasting party with friends. Or crack open the latest trend and serve wine in a can opens in a new tab.

5. Grilling. Once you’ve mastered burgers and dogs, care to make it a little interesting? A whole fish is a surprisingly easy statement dish that will bring your summer cookout to another level. Ask one of our fish mongers to help you select a fish that will fit your grill – you can even ask for them to clean and fillet if you don’t need a whole fish. Bookmark or share our recipe-and-technique cheat sheet opens in a new tab

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