Be Good To Your Whole Body with Private Label


  • At Whole Foods Market there are 2 private label lines: 365 Everyday Value® and Whole Foods Market™ brands.

365 Everyday Value®

  • Simple, straightforward and affordable supplements and body care;

  • Buyers and manufacturers have partnered together to find some of the most popular formulas in the industry, so we’re able to keep the costs low;

  • Not a lot of money goes into packaging so that a lot of the investment goes into the quality of the products and keeping prices low.

  • “The basics” with simple ingredients

  • Capsules are more expensive, so a lot of 365 products will be tablet form.

  • 365 Body care – full range of products (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap);  Very basic &clean; meet our quality standards; exceed the needs of customers

Whole Foods Market™ Brand

  • A step above in terms of the complexity of the formulation;

  • Reaches beyond the basic products;

  • We control the supply chain so we look at sourcing closely;

  • And are able to keep the prices very competitive and deliver great quality.

  • You might find a food based multivitamin product that is like a basic multi with adding benefits like superfoods and enzymes and bioflavonoids.

  • Includes condition-specific formulas (ex. digestive health or weight loss, etc.)

What’s different about our private label?

  • They are some of the most intensively sourced products on the planet.

  • We have teams of buyers and we go out and try to formulate products to meet needs of our customers.

  • Our quality standards are the framework so we deliver super-high-quality products.

  • We are customers too, which shapes how we do everything we do.

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