Be King (or Queen) of the Grill This Independence Day!

As we come together with friends and family to celebrate our great nation’s independence, most folks will be eagerly awaiting nightfall and the annual skyward light show. But there are a great many of us, myself included, who will undoubtedly be huddled around a grill, admiring our own fireworks show of sorts. 

If you’re one of these all-American grill masters, the Whole Foods Market® meat department should be your first stop to gear up for the celebration. Our expert butchers are ready to help you find just what you need.

Our fresh meat cases are filled with hand-cut steaks, freshly ground beef and sausages made in-house along with a slew of marinated meats and chef-inspired ready-to-cook burgers and kabobs. But sometimes convenience is the name of the game. Thanks to Nature’s Rancher, our cases are loaded up with all kinds of grilling favorites perfect for this time of the year.

We’ve got you covered with hot dogs, burgers and steaks ready to set your grill on fire at a moment’s notice. Fill up your fridge or freezer and you’ll be ready for extra company or a simple weeknight meal.

Hot (diggity) dogs

Nature’s Rancher Hot Dogs are available in beef and pork, all beef and organic chicken varieties and they’re made with the same quality meat that you’d find in our fresh-meat case. “Uncured” means they’re made without synthetic nitrates or nitrites. (They do contain naturally occurring nitrates from the celery powder, nutmeg and sea salt but synthetic nitrates and nitrites are not allowed in any products in our stores.)  I had all but given up on finding a hot dog that actually had flavor until I took a bite out of one of these. I encourage you do the same.

Burger time

Nothing completes a 4th of July meal like a burger. A juicy, delicious burger grilled to perfection over an open flame to be exact.  Our Nature’s Rancher Black Angus Beef Burgers come in two sizes — the quarter-pound patty, and for the big burger lover a third pounder.  Like all the meat we sell, these patties are made from beef raised without added hormones or antibiotics opens in a new tab, and fed a vegetarian diet.

No pink slime either opens in a new tab, just in case you were wondering.  These burgers are the perfect grill mate for the Nature’s Rancher hot dogs.

High steaks grilling

If you’re a meat eater like me then you probably like to take advantage of our great steak sales and grab a few extra for the freezer so you can be prepared whenever the grilling urge strikes, or for when a few friends drop by.  If that’s the case, then I have a treat for you – the new Nature’s Rancher frozen steak line. These steaks come from farms and ranches that are rated Step 1 by the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Program opens in a new tab

Raised on a vegetarian diet and never given antibiotics or added growth hormones,they're truly deserving of the title “King of the Grill.” These rib eyes, New York strips and sirloins are all hand cut and frozen at peak freshness.

Plus each steak is individually sealed for freezer storage so no leaking or freezer burn and you can take out just what you need and leave the rest for later. I can’t wait to take some along on my next camping trip.

So swing by your local Whole Foods Market on your way to the fireworks stand and let us take care of all your grilling needs this 4th of July.

What's your favorite meat for the grill? Let us know in the comments.

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