Behind the Rind Starring Le Gruyere

Uniquely Swiss and traditionally made, Le Gruyère is considered one of the world's greatest cheeses. Watch this video to see how it’s produced and try one of our recipes.

Le Gruyère is one of the world's greatest cheeses — a uniquely Swiss, traditionally made product that's been wowing cheese lovers for centuries. The techniques for producing this cheese have changed little throughout its history. Recipes and methods have been handed down for hundreds of years, and AOC designation ensures that true Le Gruyère comes only from a traditional production area in western Switzerland.Our reserve Le Gruyère is produced and aged for us in the foothills of the Swiss Alps. Local dairy farmers deliver fresh milk to the cheesemakers where the master cheesemaker mixes, presses and ages the cheese in small batches in accordance with strict standards for quality and authenticity. See this process in action as our Global Cheese Buyer, Cathy Strange, takes you along on her Cheese Travels:
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Le Gruyère has a classic flavor profile: nutty, creamy and complex, with hints of fruit and spice. Experience it by the slice, on a cheese plate or melted into fondue opens in a new tab, or in other outstanding dishes, like:

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