Best Ever Potato Salad


This week in our series tracking down the “Best Ever” classic summer dishes (see Best Ever Pasta Salad opens in a new tab and Best Ever Baked Beans opens in a new tab) we’re focusing on potato salad.Ever wonder why potato salad is ubiquitous at summer gatherings? It can be made ahead of time, it travels well, it’s inexpensive to make, it’s easy to prepare a large batch for a crowd, and it goes well with all manner of grilled foods. So if the invitations to summer get-togethers are starting to roll in, what better time to make sure you know how to whip up a top-notch potato salad?Our recipe for The Best Basic Potato Salad opens in a new tab is a great approach.One of our website visitors gives it the thumbs up. Jojoguerr wrote:

“I made this recipe yesterday and everyone in the family loved it. The great thing about it, besides the flavor, is that it is so easy to prepare. I recommend it!”

Here’s why we’re big fans of this basic potato salad:

  • Sour cream and mayonnaise combine to make a tangy, creamy base that goes well with potatoes.

  • Fresh herbs are a welcome addition to any salad. Try a mix of basil, parsley, thyme and/or dill.

  • Celery and onion add crunch and flavor, and lemon juice contributes brightness.

  • This recipe is ready for your own special twist. Once you’ve learned to make this one, try a few inspired touches--maybe curry powder, chopped hard-cooked eggs, black olives or roasted red peppers? For a mayo-and-mustard version, omit the lemon juice and add 2 tablespoons mustard and 1/3 cup chopped pickles.

We want to know: what’s your best ever recipe for potato salad? Share your recipes and suggestions for what makes a great potato salad in the comments below. Let’s see who has the best idea!Happy summer cooking!

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