Best-Ever Zucchini Bread


We’re approaching that time of the summer when, if you garden, you may find yourself knee deep in zucchini and wondering what to do with your harvest. One of our favorite ways to deal with this happy summer abundance is to make loaves of zucchini bread opens in a new tab for our families, friends and neighbors.There are dozens of versions of this classic quick bread. What makes ours different from your standard zucchini bread recipe?

  • We use whole wheat pastry flour.

  • We use fragrant spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for warm flavor and aroma.

  • We replace some of the oil with applesauce and plain nonfat yogurt for a lower calorie, healthier treat.

This recipe is a hit with everyone, even younger crowds.  According to one commenter on the recipe:“We love this recipe- it's one of the only ways my 2 year old will eat green veggies... She loves it and always asks for more.”Check out all the comments on this recipe for interesting ideas on adaptations people have made to this recipe, like subbing brown rice flour for the wheat flour, honey for sugar, and more.Tell us: what’s your secret for making great zucchini bread? Share your ideas in the comments below. Let’s see who has the best zucchini bread recipe!

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