Better Bites for Holiday Travel

Avoid bumps in the road during holiday travel by packing your own food. Whether your traveling by car or plane, a little preparation goes a long way to ensure tastier, better-for-you bites.

Winter Four Bean SaladIf you’re headed out of town this holiday and hoping to avoid the standard fast-food fare along the way, I’ve got some great better-for-you options that will keep you happy and satisfied like Winter Four Bean Salad opens in a new tab (time-saving tip: use canned lentils), Cheesy Kale Chips opens in a new tab and Quinoa Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies.   opens in a new tab

Quinoa Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies
opens in a new tab

By Car
When traveling by car, a cooler is a must for storing cold favorites like Superfast Guac opens in a new tab or Black Bean Hummus opens in a new tab with sliced veggies or Hummus Tea Sandwiches opens in a new tab. Here are more ideas for car travel:

Sonoma Chicken Salad opens in a new tab

By Plane

Despite security regulations, you can still bring your own snacks on planes. Here are a few tasty recommendations to enjoy at 38,000 feet.

Given so many security rules and regulations, it’s always a good idea to visit the TSA website opens in a new tab before you pack your snack. Also, a bottle of cold water purchased once you’ve cleared security can help keep food cold.

Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, remember to pack napkins and 365 Everyday Value® Hand Sanitizer Gel.

What foods do you pack when traveling by car or plane? Share packing tricks or special ideas in the comments section below.

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