Better Body Care for Babies


Choosing products carefully is important to your baby’s health. Learn about the wonderful products and stringent standards for body care in our stores. Whole Foods Market’s Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator, Jeremiah McElwee, has been working in the natural and organics products industry since 1994 and has been a devoted father since 2005.According to Jeremiah McElwee, Senior Global Whole Body Coordinator, it is important to a baby’s health to choose products carefully:

  • Baby skin is the most sensitive and helps regulate body temperature, hydrate, and protect internal organs.

  • The skin is the largest detoxification organ in the body.

  • Artificial colors, preservatives, and scents can cause irritation, especially for babies.

Premium body care is a standard developed by Whole Foods Market for our vendor partners:

  • The premium body care standards make it easier to choose products like baby lotions, oils, powders, wipes and washes.

  • Quality standards team evaluates every product to ensure it meets the premium body care standards.

  • Criteria for evaluation include quality of source, environmental impact and safety.

There are many benefits to shopping at Whole Foods Market for your family:

  • Whole Foods Market carefully monitors all the products and ingredients we select.

  • Our team members are thoroughly trained and educated about the products we offer to help guide customers in making the most informed decisions.

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