The Bounty of Vegan Brunch

Get your brunch on with the best tips and recipes for relaxed weekend feasting.

What happens when brunch goes vegan? While egg dishes might be the first thing you think of for this meal, brunch makes an awesome venue for entertaining fellow vegans. As a bonus, it’s also an excellent way to introduce non-vegans to the deliciousness of plant-based dishes − you might find your guests relishing the food more than usual knowing that it comes with a nutritious pedigree.

New to vegan entertaining? Here are some brunching tips for successful events, plus some praise-worthy recipes for inspiration.

Vegan Almond French Toast

Vegan Almond French Toast Recipe opens in a new tab

Vegan Brunch 101

  • How many dishes should you serve? A main plate with two offerings − such as a hot casserole and a simple salad − can be a starting point. Adding a baked good like muffins or a quick bread is nice, as is a signature drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to pour besides coffee and tea. A sweet will give your meal added finesse, whether it’s as easy as fresh fruit or a more substantial dessert.

  • You don’t need to limit yourself to strict “breakfast” dishes. Branching out to salads, grains and other savories will add interest and balance to your menu.

  • Choose a combination of hot and cold offerings for the most variety and easiest to-the-table timeline.

  • Have a small pitcher of non-dairy milk or creamer on the table for those who take coffee or tea light. I like coconut-almond milk in coffee because of its natural richness, but any number of other products are great too. (See below for some fresh nut milks you can even make yourself!)

  • Remember that honey isn’t considered vegan; a great replacement is agave nectar, delicious in tea and in baked goods.

  • Overwhelmed? Outsource! Guests often offer to contribute a dish, so have a few ideas on hand if they do. And if baking isn’t your thing, peruse the growing field of prepared vegan baked goods – you might be surprised at the quality and variety on the market.

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Vegan Mains

A make-ahead dish is a winner for brunch, letting you do some of your prep up to a day ahead. Two classic options for making your morning more relaxing: Vegan Brunch Bread Pudding opens in a new tab, featuring smoky tempeh and spring asparagus; and Tofu and Broccoli Quiche opens in a new tab, made with a wonderful base of tofu, tahini and miso. The quiche can be baked the night before and reheat in 275 degree oven just before serving. 

For a less traditional main course, try Black Bean and Sweet Potato Enchiladas opens in a new tab, a fun riff on brunch that can be assembled the day ahead, and then just brought to room temperature and baked. Ditto Roasted Bell Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa opens in a new tab, a great dish flavored with a savory combination of cinnamon, cumin and cashews.

Okay with a little last-minute prep? Vegan Almond French Toast opens in a new tab will have your crowd swooning, and adding a garnish of fresh berries will put it over the top. Dairy-free Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes opens in a new tab are another brunch winner, and you can make them vegan by replacing the honey called for with agave syrup.

Cardamom-Carrot Sparkling Cocktails

Cardamom-Carrot Sparkling Cocktail Recipe opens in a new tab


Having a non-dairy lightener for coffee or tea is a must for vegan brunch. There are a terrific number on the market these days, but you can also make your own. Two excellent options are Homemade Cashew Milk opens in a new tab and Homemade Hazelnut Milk opens in a new tab; you can make them a few days ahead and even use them in vegan recipes.

Want to add another beverage to join the standard coffee and tea? This will be particularly welcome if you’d like to make a celebratory toast part of your meal. The champagne and orange juice mimosa is a classic, but if you’ll like to shake things up a bit you’ll get an enthusiastic reaction with Cardamom-Carrot Sparkling Cocktails opens in a new tab, a recipe that can be easily scaled up for your group. And you can’t go wrong with Pink Wine Punch opens in a new tab, a gorgeous punch that’s great for a big group.

Vegan Baked Goods

A basket or large bowl lined with a tea towel and filled with home-baked (or store-bought) treats is a brunch tradition. Easy to make Coconut Oil Biscuits opens in a new tab are an incredibly tender, tasty alternative to Southern-style biscuits. For a great muffin recipe, just replace the honey with agave syrup in these Whole Wheat Cornbread Muffins opens in a new tab and you’ll have a wonderful savory treat–they’re ideal with fruit preserves. Or try Fresh Fig Focaccia opens in a new tab, a recipe that uses prepared pizza dough as a shortcut; you can substitute halved grapes, fresh raspberries or blackberries, or even thinly sliced apple if you can’t find fresh figs.

Fun Extras

Looking for something to really set your meal apart? Vegan Deviled Eggs opens in a new tab are a whimsical take on a comfort-food classic and make a starter that’ll get your guests talking. Eggplant ‘Bacon’ opens in a new tab, a terrific blend of smoky, savory flavors, will garner a lot of attention as well. And if brunch just isn’t brunch for you without Hollandaise, there’s a terrifically creamy, fool-proof version: Vegan ‘Hollandaise’ Sauce opens in a new tab; a tasty sauce you can make several days ahead and reheat gently over low heat. Drizzle it over steamed asparagus or roast potatoes or serve it as a gravy for tofu or grain dishes.

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Sweet Endings

Does your idea of a perfect meal end with something sweet? Brunch gives you the chance to go as simply or as decadently as you like. Any fresh fruit in season is really all you need, but venturing beyond that can be very satisfying. Summer Berry Salad with Mint Sugar opens in a new tab is easy and packed with flavor, or you can take berries in a chocolate direction with Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. opens in a new tab For a grander dessert you can’t go wrong with Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake Bites opens in a new tab, an incredibly smooth and rich treat. And for pure chocolate bliss you can’t beat Vegan Mocha Pie opens in a new tab, an inspired dessert packed with great flavors and wonderful dairy-free ingredients. And a final word of dessert advice: Whatever you serve, try wowing your guests with Whipped Coconut Cream opens in a new tab — a truly fantastic three-ingredient recipe.

Got your own vegan favorites? Tell us more!

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