Brad's Raw Chips

Every product has a story, and Brad’s Raw Chips opens in a new tab is a classic tale of success! Over four years ago, founder and creator, Brad Gruno discovered the health benefits of eating raw. He lost over 40 pounds and enjoyed a level of energy he hadn’t experienced in many years. Despite the advantages of a raw diet, one thing he really missed was the crunch of a good snack. So Brad began making raw chips in his kitchen to satisfy that craving and, as it turns out, his friends really liked them too! A business was born and Brad starting selling his chips at farmer’s markets. Eventually, he approached his local Whole Foods Market with his product and started selling his snacks in a few stores. Apparently, our customers like a raw snack product with a good crunch too, because now the chips are selling in most of our stores on the East Coast. They are growing so fast that they need to move into a larger facility and are using the proceeds from their Local Producer Loan opens in a new tab from Whole Foods Market to purchase equipment for their new home!

You can get your crunch on with 14 different varieties of Brad’s Raw Chips, including classic kale chips, sun dried tomato crackers, and sweet potato chips. All the chips and crackers are dehydrated below 115 degrees so they still get a fantastic crunch while preserving the foods’ nutrients and enzymes. Brad’s Raw Chips are available in most Whole Foods Market stores along the Eastern Seaboard.

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