Brainy Breakfasts At a Bargain


Our August/September issue of The Whole Deal opens in a new tab value guide is full of bright ideas for back-to-school basics like brainy breakfasts. Did you know that skipping breakfast can promote weight gain and negatively impact brain function? It’s true! So, we’ve put together a simple weekday breakfast plan that’s so easy you can make it before your first cup of coffee. Now there are no excuses not to eat breakfast.MONDAY: Veggie Monday

Add a handful of baby (or frozen chopped) spinach to your fruit smoothie and you won't much taste it but your body will thank you for the greens. Don't have a go-to fruit smoothie favorite, yet? Try the Get Your Greens Smoothie opens in a new tab or one of the many other smoothie recipes in our online collection opens in a new tab.TUESDAY: Pita Pocket TimeStuff whole-wheat pita pockets with scrambled cage-free eggs, wilted spinach or Swiss chard and grated cheese. There's a coupon for bacon in the in-store value guide, so add a slice or two if you wish.

WEDNESDAY: Overnight OatmealSoak oats overnight in the opens in a new tabfridge opens in a new tab in the milk of your choice. Top with sunflower seeds or nuts and chopped fresh or dried fruit. Enjoy room temperature or warm.THURSDAY: Waffle Sandwich

Toast two frozen waffles. Spread one with whipped cream cheese, fruit-sweetened jam and mixed berries. Top with the second waffle and off you go.FRIDAY: Fast & Easy FridayGo simple with cold cereal — choose one with whole grains and minimal added sugars. Top with raspberries, bananas and milk, soymilk or lowfat drinkable yogurt.There are even more smart savings tips in The Whole Deal opens in a new tab, including over $45 in online coupons opens in a new tab.What are your bright ideas for back-to-school breakfasts?

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