Breakfast in Bed for Mom


Scrambled Eggs

As kids, my sisters and I always served our mom breakfast in bed to celebrate Mother’s Day. She loved it! We made simple (but delicious) Scrambled Eggs opens in a new tab with toast or biscuits, butter and jelly. As we got a bit older, we served French toast, something similar to this Vanilla French Toast with Fresh Berries opens in a new tab or this Spiced French Toast opens in a new tab.Is breakfast for mom (in bed or out) on the agenda this year? Here are some fun ideas from smoothies to pancakes to eggs. Just remember: cleaning up the kitchen afterwards is a must!

Start with a beverage your Mom loves, maybe coffee, tea or fruit juice. Add some fresh seasonal fruit or a fruit salad like this Fresh Fruit Salad with Creamy Yogurt Dressing opens in a new tab or this refreshing Melon Ambrosia opens in a new tab made with toasted coconut flakes.

Next, choose a main breakfast dish. Here’s a variety of pancake, waffles and French toast ideas:

Or maybe you want to go with eggs. A quiche can be quite simple, especially when you purchase a ready-made pie crust. Consider a Spinach Quiche with Pine Nuts opens in a new tab, a Mushroom and Gruyere Quiche opens in a new tab, or a wonderful Goat Cheese and Leek Quiche opens in a new tab. For scrumptious scrambled eggs, these Soft Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms, Chives and Fleur de Sel opens in a new tab are really good! 

And you can always make a fancy smoothie as a starter or for the full meal before heading out for other mom’s day fun:

Be sure to serve Mom’s breakfast on a pretty plate or tray. Add a little décor, something like a special straw for the juice or smoothie, or a flower in a pretty vase, or a fun coffee mug. Use your imagination!
Are you planning a celebration for your Mom? Got a recipe or an idea? Let me know.

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