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Jim Brickman ("America's romantic piano sensation" who was just nominated for a Grammy for Faith as Best New Age Album) is a dedicated Whole Foods Market customer and shares his thoughts here about which healthy snacks he packs on the road. Share your thoughts about which healthy snacks you pack in your bag of goodies! We'll choose one winner at random from the comments to receive A Better Bag filled with some of our favorite goodies. Get on it! The deadline for responding is December 13th.


Going on tour is kind of like taking a trip to visit family. In every city there are fans and friends who consider me part of theirs. After all, we have a very personal relationship. They have used my music for everything from falling in love (weddings and proposals), relaxation in the bubble bath, recuperation and healing - and even in the labor room when they give birth to their babies. My tour this year opens in a new tab travels to over 40 cities in nine weeks. I spend a lot of time on the tour bus with my musical guests and the crew. It's really not very glamorous, and I always say it's a good thing we all get along so well - because there is no where to hide. So, just like packing up for any road trip,


we need plenty of munchies to keep us occupied. Of course, we can't go crazy with sweets because our wardrobe still has to fit by New Year's Eve. So, we try to eat as healthy as possible. Thank goodness for Whole Foods, which is always the last stop before we get on the bus. You can watch a short video opens in a new tab of Jim shopping at Whole Foods Market. During the day, I have radio and TV interviews and it's really easy to grab some raw almonds or dried fruit to eat on the run. I just discovered the Think bars - super fruit and super food. You never know what kind of drinks the stations will have, and I really like to drink green tea. So, I stick a few tea bags and a Think bar in my jacket just in case they only serve coffee and donuts. Before each concert we do a sound check to make sure our mics and earpieces are working and the sound is balanced throughout the theatre. Then to dinner, which the theatre provides. Sometimes it's absolutely delicious and sometimes - not. I can't afford to be "sick" in the middle of a concert, so I keep 365 Simple Digestive tablets on hand. Here's a sample of what our concert guests are hearing:
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I know most artists don't do this, but I have a Meet 'n Greet for members of my VIP Club after every concert. That adds up to over 200 hugs or handshakes every evening. It's not that I'm a "germ-o-phobe," but I can't tempt fate and get sick. I do take a lot of vitamins and just in case - I have 365 Flu Ease, Guard or Sambucol Immune. The show must go on! I think I've been a good influence on the cast and crew. When we're exhausted after a concert we all pile onto the bus, get in comfortable clothes, maybe open a bottle of wine - but immediately go for the veggies and hummus, Organic White Cheddar Popcorn, Paul Newman Protein Pretzels and cookies. Personally, I LOVE the Organic Natural Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, which are my treat to myself after the concert. Let me just say, that I couldn't think of a more appropriate store than Whole Foods to help sponsor my Beautiful World Tour. I'm in Whole Foods at least once a week throughout the year. Whether I'm looking for a healthy snack, vitamins, or picking up something for dinner, I'm hooked.


When Jim was preparing to head out on tour this holiday season, he wanted to make the whole experience greener for his fans. Whole Foods Market became a sponsor by providing our reusable Better Bags to pack up the merchandise sold at his shows.

So, what are you snacking on? Leave a comment below and you may be randomly selected to win A Better Bag full of all things good!

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