Can One Day Change The Future?


On World Environment Day — Saturday, June 5 — as part of its 20th anniversary commemoration, EARTH University is organizing a simultaneous global tree planting called EARTH Plants the Future opens in a new tab.Tree planting events have been organized by EARTH alumni in over 26 countries, and planting commitments exceed 600,000 trees.  They are hoping to reach one million by June 5th. Want to help? This video tells you how:
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Whole Foods Market has a strong relationship with EARTH (Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda), a non-profit, international university dedicated to the sustainable development of the tropics through education, research and outreach. Read more about EARTH opens in a new tab and the fabulous Whole Trade bananas they grow for us.This global tree planting event is both a symbolic and practical action to address climate change, as it represents both the hope for the future and concrete action to mitigate current emissions of greenhouse gases. On the EARTH campus alone, there will be over 1500 participants planting 33,000 trees.

The enthusiasm in the international community is very encouraging as well. Earth graduates working in Uganda, Mozambique and the Czech Republic have organized tree plantings. In the United States, one graduate hosted a tree planting event on May 7th in Dallas, Texas where 36 elementary schools from the area (about 18,000 students) participated.  Each school planted one symbolic tree and shared the story of EARTH University and EARTH Plants the Future opens in a new tab with the students. Smaller, local tree planting events are being organized in Michigan and Florida.For ease of participation, head over to the EARTH website to offset your carbon footprint by buying a tree (for $5) opens in a new tab to be planted on June 5 as part of EARTH Plants the Future. The EARTH University Foundation is a registered non-profit so your gift is tax deductible. Got lots of networked friends? You can check out EARTH USA’s fundraising site opens in a new tab where you can encourage all your friends to donate together.

Did you know that if every person on this planet were to plant just ONE tree, we would fix nearly 260 million tons of CO2 annually? That’s enough to offset the annual carbon emissions of Columbia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Nicaragua COMBINED.  Help plant 1 million trees! Together we can create the future of our dreams.

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