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Can you help this kid eat more salad?

The Elusive Veggie-Loving Kid

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Think kids don't like eating healthy? Think again! We found the ever-elusive veggie-loving kid deep in the heart of Texas. He eats salad for breakfast! He substitutes cauliflower when broccoli isn't readily available! He thinks eating nine servings of vegetables is all in a day's work. And he'd love to have a salad bar in his school cafeteria. Help us make it happen.Whole Foods Market is partnering with Chef Ann Cooper to provide healthy salad bars to schools across the country. We are jumpstarting the movement by raising money for a salad bar in at least one school in the communities surrounding each of our stores in the U.S. That's almost 300 schools! Maybe all kids could turn into veggie lovers!Last year, Whole Foods Market joined the School Lunch Revolution to help raise money for The Lunchbox. The Lunch Box is an online free toolkit for all schools, and is packed with solutions to help transform the usual school fare into healthy and delicious meals.Join us to raise funds to help put a salad bar in 300 schools by January 2011.Learn more about the Salad Bar Project.Donate at the register or online.

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