Celebrate World Fair Trade Day


Time to celebrate! World Fair Trade Day is the largest Fair Trade event in North America, with over 65,000 people having participated in 2009. In the United States, businesses, high schools, universities, churches, groups and individuals will be raising awareness about the benefits of buying Fair Trade products. The theme of this year’s event is “Fair Trade My Home.” It’s easy to get involved! By purchasing Whole Trade™ products opens in a new tab from Whole Foods Market, you can declare your home a "Fair Trade Home." Snap a photo of your favorite Whole Trade product and upload it to Fair Trade My Home opens in a new tab. Note that Whole Trade products may be certified by any of three great partners: TransFair opens in a new tab, Rainforest Alliance opens in a new tab, or IMO opens in a new tab. Learn more about Whole Trade in this post opens in a new tab I wrote in February.

Why celebrate? World Fair Trade Day national campaign coordinator, and Executive Director, Fair Trade Resource Network Jeff Goldman, says it best: “There are lots of reasons to celebrate Fair Trade as we bring dignity and justice to millions of vulnerable farmers and artisans around the world. By committing to use Fair Trade goods at home, we can enjoy high quality and take action to improve our world.”

The Fair Trade system helps producers and suppliers earn a living wage and take steps to protect the environment.  It also serves to empower individuals and communities, support women’s and children’s rights, promote dignity and respect, and connect developing nations with developed nations and markets.Products of major co-sponsors of World Fair Trade Day are available at Whole Foods Market. We currently support communities in more than 50 countries via the Whole Trade program. Check out our interactive map opens in a new tab, which shows these countries at a glance. So celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday, May 8th, and spread the fair trade joy.

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