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Team Member Giving

Here's a huge shout out to the amazing team members at Whole Foods Market. It has been two years since we started the Whole Planet Foundation Team Member Giving program. This is where team members can choose to have money donated from each paycheck to empower the poorest of the poor with a chance to lift themselves out of poverty. As you probably know by now, Whole Planet Foundation was created by Whole Foods Market with the mission of alleviating poverty through microcredit in global communities that supply our stores with product. This mission resonates with over 12,000 team members who make a difference every two weeks.

Over 12,000 team members have given$745,000 through their paychecks to empower19,000 impoverished people with access to microcreditto change their lives.

Here's what some of those team members had to say about why they donate.

Kim Head

"I've been blessed with so much that I feel a responsibility to share what I have with others. Giving to the Whole Planet Foundation is a way for me to do that. Even a small amount of money can make a big difference in someone's life."Kim Head, Austin, Texas

Morghan and Doug

"Why would you not want to be part of Whole Planet Foundation?"Doug Straub, Colfax, Colorado"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."Morghan Dill, Colfax, Colorado


"I could either buy sushi or directly change someone's life…I'm changing someone's life."Shannon, Portland, Maine


"It feels so great to work for a company that genuinely supports our communities on both a local and global level. The Whole Planet Foundation truly embodies Whole Foods Market's core values; I am so proud of what we've been able to accomplish."Kristen Kaza, Evanston, Illinois


"What little sacrifice I'm making by donating - maybe a cup of coffee - is helping to change a person's whole life. It's worth giving up that cup of coffee."Carl, Portland, Maine


"It feels great knowing I am helping someone with a hand-up, as opposed to merely a hand-out."Traci Rong, Walnut Creek, California


"It seems like such a small thing…how can you not donate to something so wonderful?"Michelle Peluso, Paradise Valley, ArizonaThanks, thanks and thanks again. Team members at Whole Foods Market are so open-hearted. Not a team member? Don't worry! You can donate through our website opens in a new tab.

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