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Cheese Travels: Roth Kase

Cheese Travels: Roth Kase

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In 1991, following in the footsteps of four generations of cheese makers, Felix and Ulrich Roth founded Roth Käse USA, the focus being to craft and cure European-style specialty cheeses in America's Dairyland. Green County, Wisconsin was a natural home for the Roth Käse cheese factory, not only for its lush landscape and high quality milk supply, but also because the area is commonly referred to as "Little Switzerland."In the beginning, their focus was in crafting traditional alpine cheeses. As they've grown, they’ve added other outstanding cheeses from across the world to their range of products, including one of my favorites, Gran Queso, modeled after Spanish Manchego. To support their growth, rather than expanding their own facilities, they partnered with struggling local production facilities, helping to keep the dairy industry alive in their community and they work with local dairy farmers so their products are made from the freshest ingredients possible.

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