Meet Summer’s Hottest Cool Dessert: Cheesecake Bites




You’re already a big mochi fan, you’ve tried almost every cake pop recipe in the books, and you’re obsessed with cheesecake. So, heads up for a seriously cool dessert coming your way soon: Cheesecake Bites. Consider them the lovechild of mochi opens in a new tab, cake pops (minus the stick) and cheesecake, all rolled into one. They’re literally cool (they’re frozen), and they’re a micro-sized dessert, perfect for popping right into your mouth.

These bite-sized desserts are squares of cheesecake that are covered in dark or milk chocolate – whichever you’re into. They come in a variety of flavors (none artificial, of course), including traditional New York style, lemon, chocolate, strawberry, espresso, coconut and key lime. No one will judge you for wanting to try all – we promise! The squares are finished with tiny toppings that include a white chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, espresso beans and toasted coconut. Plus, they’re frozen, which means they’re not just sweet, they’re a refreshing, cool treat during the hot summer weather. They will launch in our new Kansas City store opens in a new tab just south of the historic Country Club Plaza, and will be available in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas and in El Paso, Texas by the fall.

Sounds delicious. But how should I serve them? Serve them on a platter with a berry garnish (and a glass of wine, if you’re so inclined). We also recommend creating a dessert buffet with these bites, mochi and other bite-size treats. Of course, you can serve them – and eat them – any way you want. Like, in the parking lot on your way to the car …

Any other cool ways to eat them? We’re all about mixing, matching and trying all of the flavors. In our Kansas City store, we have our own version of a “Cheesecake Bite flight” on the dessert menu in our new full-service bar and taproom, The Fountain Room.

How much do they cost? They are 2 for $4, 6 for $10, or 12 for $18. (Yes, it’s one of those “the more you buy, the more you save” kind of things.)

My mouth is watering. Where can I find them at Whole Foods Market?  Look for them in the kind of cooler that holds ice cream sandwiches and novelties in the bakery department and pick them up on your next trip to Whole Foods Market. After all, you can never have too many desserts in your freezer.

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