Step It Up from Plain Old Chips: 7 Fun Alternatives to Bring to Your Summer Barbeque

Check out these twists on chips.

hain salty snacks
Hain salty snacks

You likely know a sunny backyard that’s just begging for a cookout — which means someone’s got to bring the chips. Try one of these twists on the classic snack. The fact they’re on sale this barbeque season*) is a total plus.

For the purist who likes a little bit of a twist: try Garden of Eatin’ White Corn Lime Tortilla Chips. These new chips will take your vessel for guacamole (a.k.a. the traditional corn chip) and add a little extra zest. Scoop them in anything you want … though we wouldn’t judge you if you wanted to eat them right out of the bag.

If you feel like bringing something colorful to the party, how about blue corn tortilla chips? Garden of Eatin’s Original Blue Chips are made from organic blue corn, giving them a hearty texture that’s perfect for salsa scooping, and, of course, that deep blue color.

Garden of Eatin


Or maybe you’ve got more of a veggie vibe. Terra Original Vegetable chips combine five different types of root vegetables in the mix, including sweet potato, yucca, parsnip, batata (that’s a white sweet potato, also known as boniato), and distinctive purple-streaked taro chips. They’re sweet, salty, earthy and well worth eating by the handful.

If you’re really feeling the taro vegetable chips, Terra makes a bag of their chips that’s exclusively the taro variety! Terra Taro chips (say that three times fast!) are lightly seasoned with sea salt.

To sweeten things up ever so slightly, try Terra Plantain. Plantains have just a hint of sweetness — that makes them a perfect pairing for a hotter-than-hot salsa like this one opens in a new tab, made with serrano chiles.



Another great veggie option that’s both airy and crunchy at the same time: Garden Veggie Straws from Sensible Portions are puffed-up combos that start with potatoes and vegetables. Grab a 3.3-ounce bag and a tub of hummus, and you’ll be the most popular person at the cookout.

Sensible Portions


And if you’re a cheese fan, Bearitos Cheddar Puffs might do the trick. They’re baked, they’re made with organic corn, they use organic cheddar — sounds like something seriously snackable. Cheese not your thing? They’re also in a veggie puff variety, so, yes, we’ve got your back no matter your taste in snacks.

The point is, summer is a break from the ordinary. Shouldn’t your snacks be a break from the ordinary too? Just swing by your local Whole Foods Market opens in a new tabon your way to your barbeque — we’ve got all these options and more. And what’s more summery than keeping things easy?

*Disclaimer: Valid 5/16–6/12/18. Not valid at Whole Foods Market 365™ stores. U.S. only. While supplies last. No rain checks.

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