Chocolate Bruno with Special Guest Chefs Eric and Bruce Bromberg

Chocolate Bruno- The Secret Ingredient

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Get the recipe opens in a new tab now!Secret Ingredient: Scharffenberger ChocolateSpecial Guest Chefs: Eric and Bruce Bromberg, Chefs and owners of Blue Ribbon Restaurants opens in a new tab in NYC’s West Village

  • Baking Chocolates available in 62% dark, 70% Semi Sweet and a 99% Unsweetened. The percentage refers to the amount of cacao mass.

  • This recipe calls for 63% to 70% which is bittersweet.

  • The Chocolate making process begins by sourcing and importing raw cacao beans, giving Scharffenberger control of quality and taste from start to finish.

  • Scharffenberger is one of only 12 companies in the United States which manufactures chocolate in this way. They follow an old-world style of chocolate making, using restored vintage European machinery and small batch production to ensure quality.

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