Choices Count: Yogurt

Whether you prefer cow’s milk yogurt or a whole slew of alternatives, our vast selections contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Try these ideas for cooking with yogurt.

What's not to love about this dairy (and non-dairy!) favorite?

In our stores, you can choose from the largest variety of yogurt in a wide selection of flavors, from Greek yogurt to Icelandic skyr. And here’s an added bonus: All of our 365 Everyday Value® yogurts, organic or not, are made from the milk of cows never given artificial growth hormones (rBGH/rBST).

This is true for many of the other brands we offer, too. None contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives either. We’ve got a slew of alternatives made from coconut, almond, rice or soybeans that can be used in much the same way as the dairy versions.

There’s wisdom in ancient traditions.

Our ancestors have been preserving food by natural fermentation and culture for millennia. By some accounts, there’s evidence that cultured milk dates back as far as 2000 BCE. Roman author, philosopher and naturalist Piney the Elder once made mention of certain tribes of people who knew the way “to thicken the milk into a substance with an agreeable acidity.”

With the creation of modern refrigeration, many of our traditional ways of fermenting and preserving food has largely been forgotten, but thankfully, the practice of eating yogurt, a popular fermented dairy food, still remains. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that support healthy digestion and promote beneficial intestinal flora.

It’s been said that Francis I, King of France in the early 14th century, suffered from a severe bout with diarrhea which no French doctor could cure until his ally Suleiman the Magnificent (what a name!) of the Ottoman Empire sent a doctor who cured King Francis with yogurt.

Here are some simple and simply delicious ways to enjoy yogurt:

Here’s my personal favorite:  Mix yogurt with roasted walnuts, vanilla and honey or maple syrup; enjoy for breakfast, snack or dessert. 
Do you have a personal favorite?  Let me know.

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