Choose Good Household Goods

Our exclusive line of household paper and plastic products give you an affordable and earth-friendlier choice when you have to choose disposable.

During Earth Month, and really every month for that matter, it’s all about reduce, reuse, recycle! While I am totally behind figuring out how to reduce waste by going reusable (I recently found a super-cute, washable fabric wrap for my kiddo’s sandwiches) there are times when I just need to use something that’s disposable. Um, a trash bag comes to mind. So, when that’s the case, I prefer to look for items that a) are made from recycled content, b) do not whiten with chlorine bleach, c) use conscientious packaging or d) work well. It’s even better when I find a product that has more than one of these features and is competitively priced.That’s why this line-up of household products from our exclusive 365 Everyday Value® and Green Mission™ brands is really good news. I get lots of choices that meet many of my criteria but won’t break my budget.PAPER PRODUCTS• 100% recycled paper (80% post-consumer recycled content)• Whitened without chlorine bleach• Hypo-allergenic and fragrance free options

Green Mission™ Choose-Your-Size Paper Towels365 Everyday Value® Choose-Your-Size Paper Towels365 Everyday Value® Paper TowelsGreen Mission™ Bathroom Tissue365 Everyday Value® Bathroom Tissue365 Everyday Value® Facial Tissue365 Everyday Value® Dinner Napkins365 Everyday Value® Lunch NapkinsPLASTIC BAGS•100% recycled paperboard box (35% post-consumer recycled content)•Strong-sealing zipper•Kosher

365 Everyday Value® Snack Bags365 Everyday Value® Storage Bags365 Everyday Value® Slider Storage Bags365 Everyday Value® Freezer BagsTRASH BAGS• 65% recycled polyethylene• 100% recycled-paperboard box (35% post-consumer recycled content)365 Everyday Value® Drawstring Tall Kitchen Trash Bags365 Everyday Value® Quick-Tie Tall Kitchen Trash BagsWRAPS AND PAPERS365 Everyday Value® 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil• 100% recycled paperboard box (35% post-consumer recycled content)

365 Everyday Value® Plastic Wrap• Perfect thickness provides maximum cling• 100% recycled paperboard box (35% post-consumer recycled content)• Kosher365 Everyday Value® Parchment Paper• Reduced waste with no metal or plastic cutter edge• 100% silicon-coated paper• Kosher365 Everyday Value® Wax Paper• Reduced waste with no metal or plastic cutter edgeSo, when you can’t choose reuse, what do you look for when deciding on disposable?

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