A Clean Slate Brunch for New Year's Day

Shake off an over-indulgent holiday season with a fresh start on New Year's Day. These tips, activities and recipes are sure to inspire a healthy, active beginning to the new year.

Mango, Raspberry and Cashew Cream Parfaits

Mango, Raspberry and Cashew Cream Parfaits

Raise your hand if you A) ate too many holiday cookies to count B) enjoyed one too many cups of spiked punch C) were a total couch potato or D) all of the above the past six weeks. Even if you were an angel during the holiday season (bravo!), starting the new year with your best foot forward is a smart idea. Enlist your friends and family to do the same with these fun and tasty brunch ideas:

Sunny Citrus Smoothie

Sunny Citrus Smoothie Recipe

Take a Hike

Pack your brunch to go and hit the trails with your loved ones - even your furry friend! Enjoy a hike and brunch picnic for a great combination of hydration, exercise and satisfying food. Pack Pumpkin and Millet Muffins, jerky and fresh fruit to share.

A Smooth Start

Invite six friends over, and challenge each to bring their favorite smoothie recipe to share. My picks for a fresh start are the Double Green Smoothie, Sunny Citrus Smoothie and the Mango-Mint Green Smoothie.

Tofu Breakfast Tacos

Tofu Breakfast Taco Recipe

Better-for-you Hair of the Dog

Toast the new year and new resolutions with a veggie-tastic take on the classic mimosa with Cardamom Carrot Sparkling Cocktails. Then, pair it with Tofu Breakfast Tacos or A Better Breakfast Pita Pocket.

Time for a New Resolution

If time management is your resolution this year, make New Year’s Day a cinch with a make-ahead brunch. Set your coffee maker timer the night before and whip up Apple-Cranberry Muesli Crisp and Pumpkin, Brown Sugar and Cashew Biscotti a day in advance for a delicious, simple start to the day.

Apple-Cranberry Muesli Crisp

Apple-Cranberry Muesli Crisp Recipe

Picture Perfect Start

Gather your friends and family around big bowls of Fruit and Hemp Seed Muesli and Mango, Raspberry and Cashew Cream Parfaits and snap a photo of the group. Then, everyone decorate a picture mat with your resolutions for the year. Hang the photo someplace you can see to be motivated throughout the year and reminded of those who can help keep you accountable!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What’s on your list this year, and how do you plan to keep it?

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