Cocktails and Mocktails for a Next-Level Holiday Brunch

Make waking up and brunching look easy. Get a step-by-step guide and recipes for brunch-perfect cocktails and mocktails.

sherried cranberry smash cocktail recipe

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It’s the time of year when houses are full of friends and family, laughter and crackling fires. Wake up to a cozy morning opening presents and swapping stories with loved ones with an epic brunch that might be even more memorable than the gifts. Since the goodies are wrapped and the brunch menu is set, don’t forget about the drinks, a fun and festive part of any brunch. First step, set the scene for success:

  • Glassware. Beyond having enough, keep in mind the types of drinks guests will be enjoying and plan accordingly. Champagne flutes are a must for mimosas, and punch cups are festive this time of year. And if kids will be nearby, consider using plastic and/or stemless to minimize accidents.

  • Punch bowl. Or pitcher or drink dispenser for pre-made drinks, which are a great thought to keep things simple and neat. Consider leaving alcohol on the side so folks can choose if and how much they’d like to imbibe.

  • Shaker and recipe. If one signature, pre-made drink isn’t on the menu, have a few shakers on hand and stirring spoons for on-the-spot mixing. And consider having a few recipes posted at the station for inspiration.

  • Straws and garnish. Keep drinks festive by having citrus wedges, olives, peppermint sticks, brandied cherries, etc. — whatever is appropriate for the drinks served — on hand for extra cheer.

  • Sparkling water. A great option for those who are watching calories, taking a break to hydrate or want cheery bubbles without the booze.

  • Towels and napkins. Spills will happen; don't force drink-makers to hunt down towels to clean up the mess.

3 Must-Try Brunch Cocktails

Sure, mimosas and Bloody Marys are always delicious at brunch. But why not try shaking it up for the holidays with these recipes that are festive and flavorful, not to mention simple?

Cider 75 Cocktail Recipe
Cardamom Carrot Sparkling Cocktails Recipe
Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail Recipe

Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail Recipe opens in a new tab

3 Must-Try Brunch Mocktails

Mastering mocktails is just as tasty and fun as cocktails. New to mocktails? Get to know them opens in a new tab, and then sip on one of these:

Apple Pomegranate Fizz recipe
cranberry eggnog recipe
Honey Beet Mocktails

Honeyed Beet Sparklers Recipe opens in a new tab

(Replace sparkling wine with sparkling water.)

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