Cooking with Wild Alaska Salmon



Growing up in Hawaii, I had access to some of the most delicious, freshest fish imaginable. Unfortunately, salmon was not one of them! I only had access to previously frozen or canned salmon. So, at the time, salmon had too strong of a flavor - kind of fishy and mushy.It wasn't until I was a little older and moved to the mainland that I discovered the pure deliciousness of high quality fresh wild salmon. Since it is so versatile and easy to cook, I find I now eat salmon more often than any other fish, with wild Sockeye being one of my weekday go-to favorites.There are three varieties of wild Alaska salmon that come into season during the summer.

  • King, also called Chinook, is prized as the richest and fattiest, and some say it's the most tasty wild Alaska salmon

  • Sockeye is the smallest most delicate of the wild Alaska salmons and is known for its unique flavor and bright red, extra firm texture.

  • Coho is available later in the summer and has a milder taste, perfect for those who prefer a less intense salmon flavor.

I suggest trying them all this summer while they are available at their freshest and discover which one is your favorite.

Salmon Kabobs

What is also great about salmon is that it satisfies both my busy schedule and my foodie taste buds. Quick and easy to cook - whether its grilled, baked, broiled, poached or sautéed - it means I can enjoy it on a hectic weeknight. And it is just so versatile - I dress it up for a special dinners, serve it cold for lunch and experiment using it with different cuisines and flavors. I am constantly discovering new and delicious salmon dishes to try.Salmon definitely hold its own on the grill, making it perfect for summer entertaining. A fun way to change up your grilling repertoire is with Salmon Kabobs opens in a new tab.

Salmon with Tabbouleh

Or what about pairing it with citrus and a cool, summer salad? The Citrus-Marinated Grilled Salmon with Tabbouleh Salad opens in a new tab could be considered warm-weather foodie perfection.On Not Just Another Fish Story opens in a new tab, we share even more great ways to serve salmon in season and explain how our sourcing and quality standards make our wild Alaska salmon special.Find over 50 other satisfying salmon dishes opens in a new tab on our recipe pages.What is your favorite way to enjoy salmon during the summer?

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