Cooling Off With Local


Strawberries with Balsamic

Okay, so we all know that local products are cool - but they can cool you off, too! A yummy locally-produced frozen dessert is just the thing during the hottest parts of summer, and the products made by recipients of our Local Producer Loan Program opens in a new tab don't disappoint. Organic ice cream, non-dairy ice cream, sorbet… you name it, our loan recipients make it. From California to Colorado to New York, these local icy treats are a hit. So go grab a pint and support your local producers!

Mudslingers Freestyle

Mudslinger's Freestyle opens in a new tab San Francisco, California Product: Non-dairy ice cream Independent ice cream shop MaggieMudd carved out a niche with their popular non-dairy desserts, unique in that they use not only soy milk as a base, but also coconut milk. In our stores, husband and wife team Michael and Changying sell their non-dairy products in both pints and ice cream cake form as Mudslinger's Freestyle.

Three Twins

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream opens in a new tab San Rafael, California Product: Organic ice cream Started in August 2005 as a scoop shop, Three Twins has since become certified organic, added second and third retail locations, and started wholesaling to restaurants, as well as to Whole Foods Market. And yes, there really are "three twins:" founder Neal Gottlieb, his brother, and his brother's wife (also a twin!).

Boulder Ice Cream

Boulder Ice Cream opens in a new tab Boulder, Colorado Product: Organic ice cream Boulder Ice Cream has been selling to Whole Foods Market for over ten years! In that time they have gone from a scoop shop on the Pearl Street Mall to pure wholesaling - you can now find their ice cream in four regions. Their Local Producer Loan helped launch an organic line.


Wine Cellar Sorbets opens in a new tab Brooklyn, New York Product: Wine sorbet You read that right - wine sorbet! With a product just as amazing as it sounds, Wine Cellar Sorbets was one of the first Local Producer Loan recipients opens in a new tab. In fact, they have received a second, which has helped them expand into an additional three regions.

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