Crank up the Cranberries

Fresh, frozen, dried or juiced, cranberries add a tart splash of color to everything from muffins and quick breads to salads and stuffings. Try these cranberry recipes.

Each Thanksgiving I feel thankful for many things, one of which is no more canned cranberry sauce! I loved Mom’s roasted turkey and delicious southern cornbread dressing but not the red blob of jelly-like stuff. Ever since I’ve been on my own, fresh cranberries have graced my holiday table in several traditional dishes. In fact, come November, I crank up the cranberries in just about everything from breakfast to bread to a snack before bed, and lots in between too. Cranberries are one of the few fruits that are truly native to North America. Fresh, frozen, dried or juiced, cranberries are naturally sour and tart. That’s why dried cranberries and some varieties of frozen cranberries may be sweetened. The fresh and frozen varieties are perfect for making cranberry sauce and adding to muffins, cakes and quick breads. Dried cranberries are delicious in hot or cold cereal, as a garnish for salads, in sauces for grains and meats, and baked or roasted with casseroles. Don’t forget to add them to cookies and baked goods, pancakes and waffles, and sprinkle them over ice cream or favorite frozen desserts. Here are some ideas for cranking up the cranberries this holiday season:

Remember, if you are a fan of cranberry juice, Whole Foods Market has the real deal - straight 100% pure cranberry juice (no sugar, fruit juice concentrate or high fructose corn syrup added). It’s tart for sure, but very refreshing when mixed with a splash of sparkling water and maybe a squeeze of fresh orange or lime juice. If you prefer a sweeter version, we’ve got naturally sweetened cranberry juice as well. Are you clever with cranberries at holiday time? Got a favorite recipe? I’d love to know.

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