Creative Ceviche

There are many ways to make ceviche, so let your imagination and creativity run wild. Try our sampling of seafood and vegetarian versions of this Latin American favorite.

In 1993, I had the good fortune of traveling with friends to Peru. There, I found food that surprised and delighted me. (Incredible pizza at the base of Machu Picchu, I kid you not!) While visiting Cusco, I learned about and sampled a number of famous dishes, including Peruvian Ceviche opens in a new tab, which was amazing.Ceviche (also spelled seviche and cebiche) is a popular dish native to Latin America. It’s prepared by marinating cubes of seafood or shellfish (traditionally raw, but we like to use cooked ingredients) in citrus juice — usually lime — with salt, seasonings, aromatics and a number of other ingredients. Latin American countries generally have their own signature ceviche dish. Some with surprising ingredients like popcorn and corn nuts!

Since there isn’t just one way of making it, imagination and creativity are free to run wild. Here’s a sampling:

Remember, when making ceviche, there is plenty of room for diversity and experimentation with assorted fish, shellfish, vegetables, legumes, spices and other seasonings. Have fun!

Have you tried ceviche? Got a good recipe? Let me know.

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